+ The elevator ride summary

Whether my medium is in writing or photography— storytelling is always my main goal. I created a magazine to inspire young Christians to engage the world around them. Its goal is to create a culture of passion, enthusiasm, and trust so we can truly show others how much love there is in Christ. I work in administrations, sometimes I lead mission trips, traveling is always under my skin. My vision is in connecting people to the tools they need to achieve their own individual God-given visions and dreams.

+ A statement of identity

I am beloved. I am daughter of the King. I believe that leadership starts with a servant heart and every person has the capacity to lead others into a greater understanding of their purpose. My purpose is igniting the hearts of others for their passions and helping to facilitate a greater understanding of their goals. I am set free. I am made whole. I do not fear. I am a doer. I am a leader. I am exactly the woman God created me to be.

+ Things that make me passionate

  • All kinds of ministry
  • Global missions
  • Young adult ministry
  • Domestic outreach

You name it; I'm there.

+ A person I love

Let's get a little cheesy here. My fiancé. Oh, I do love him.

My boo Photo credit to Cindy Espino He's my greatest friend, the one I trust with my deepest thoughts, and the only person outside of my immediate family who knows just how silly I am. And he's so cute! Ahg! Okay, I'll stop now. I don't share much about our relationship because I don't believe in mixing too much personal life with my online presence, but he's so important to me. There's a lot of referencing without details on my blog. However, if you ever want to know more about us (and want to be our friend!) just send me a little note! I'll always respond.

+ All about me and photography

It all started with a little red Elmo film camera that my grandparents gave me when I was just over 5 years old and I haven't given up on it yet! I've always owned a camera since then and have spent many years (and much of my birthday money on film and equipment) just falling in love with the art of photography.

I shot on a full frame Canon EOS 1D MkII from 2012-2017. Currently shooting 99% of my work with a Canon 6D and a 50MM 1.4 lens.

It's been quite a journey so far and though I am no longer pursuing a full time career in photography, it has found its place in my work in many different forms. I love taking pictures of people that make the person individual feel remarkable. Because I see that in everyone. These days I don’t shoot as much paid portraiture as before. I’ve found my passion in documenting my travels and personal work. However, I love working with new people! If you’d like to schedule a session with me, check out the sessions tab at the top of the page!

+ My rocky road of writing

I've been writing for a very long time. And for a very long time, I also haven't been writing. Is that confusing? Well, it confuses me.

Writing is my passion. I've written, and almost completed, a book I never published. There's probably 100 articles penned from my hand floating around the web. I've been blogging since 2009 (when I was just a wee one). And I have a dozen journals, completely full, of words I've written over the years.

It's a struggle for me sometimes. I lose my ability to share what is on my heart quite often. I struggle with the online world. How much should I share? Is this too personal? I don't like to tell other peoples stories without their full permission, but often my stories are intertwined with others. I don't like to offend, I don't like to be a spectacle. I don't want to write for the wrong reasons.

Here’s my promise: I don’t have a schedule. I write when my heart is inclined and I never write for others. I write to remember, I write to give hope to myself. I often write for my past as much as my future.

It’s not always pretty. But it’s always true. And sometimes I like to share it, too.

+ Grafted Magazine

Through my many years of blogging I have noticed a strange and a little alarming trend: Christians are Me focused. How can I be a better person, how can I be smarter, know God more, love myself? What can I do to make my life better? The whole basis of our faith is supposed to be centered on God and others. The young adult blogging world was divided between girls and boys and only the different subjects that were acceptable for them individually. There were countless posts on biblical womanhood, a few on being a better man... where are the blogs about missions? I often wondered.

Being a missionary kid myself, I grew up with the understanding that this world is not our own and so it is our pleasure and joy to encourage and uplift and love others to show them the gospel of the kingdom of God. I chatted with my good friend, Jessica Rackley, about it one day about this subject. She agreed, she too was tired of being told to grow without having a place to stretch out in.

In October 2012, we created Grafted Magazine, an online community, quarterly magazine, and blog which dares to ask young people to wonder. What is God doing? Where is He going? How can I join His plan?

We are missions for youth, curated by youth, all for the glory of Jesus. We are Grafted. Visit our website!

+ Silly little tidbits

  • I like my coffee super strong (thick like mud) and enough milk and sugar in it that people have to ask "want a little coffee with your cream?"
  • I'm the oldest of 7
  • Reformed homeschooler, kindergarten through 12th grade (okay, and kind of college too...)
  • Speaking of, I'm a Lumerit Scholar.
  • Business Communications major
  • My hair is always, unintentionally, a poof
  • I'm a slightly obsessive planner (DayDesigner is the best!)
  • Water is life. I carry around a 30L glass bottle every day without fail.

Keep up with me on instagram! @imjohannagrace

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