desert rain

The sky is milky white right now, it's etched with wispy fragments of light and heaviness threatening to lose. When it rains in the desert, no matter how far away we might be from the sand and sun, bleached bones of the ground, things fall. Months of heat bakes our hearts and the ground we walk on before heaven cries to heal the earth. Trying to heal in a day when months have hardened, sacrifices must be made. The strongest might fall, the weakest get a new chance.

Life isn't very logical like that, but once you know that, you'll be okay.

xoxo Johanna
ps. Hey guess what, this post is both a metaphor for life AND me thinking about the FREAKING HUGE OAK TREE THAT JUST DESTROYED MY FAMILIES SWINGSET IN MY FRONT YARD. Poor tree. RIP.