remember these things

Things to Remember on the Days You're Feeling Down

  • The weather is soon to be crisp and colorful
  • Somewhere in the world, a baby just laughed for the first time
  • Music by Bastille exists
  • There are dogs who wear little uniforms to help humans find their way around
  • Potoo birds are animals God spent time creating and loves very much
  • Eating chocolate releases some of the same chemicals as kissing someone does
  • Bubble baths that smell like your favorite things
  • Moody days can be erased by this
  • The smell of wet and/or burning leaves 
  • Baby goats that look like they're involved in illegal gang activity
  • Johann Sebastian Bach could have left a room for a moment and said "Don't worry! I'll be bach".
  • Rereading your favorite books and finding other people who love them as much as you do.
  • Singing your favorite songs loudly
  • Fluffy socks on freshly mopped floors
  • Cinnamon in hot cocoa with more marshmallows than is entirely necessary
  • Unexpected hugs from people
  • Forehead kisses
  • Ugly sweaters that are incredibly soft inside and out
  • Watching someone listen to their favorite song or band
  • Getting home to your clean sheets and made bed after a long day
  • Someone playing with your hair
  • Baking cookies while it storms outside
  • Making root beer floats  
  • P U P P I E S
What are some of your favorite pick-me-up's? 

xoxo Johanna Grace