snowflake people

people are like snowflakes, she whispered in my ear.
they're wrapped in coldness, swaddled in negative heat.
each person is different, they have edges that are sharpened into points like knives.
they have corners that are blunted like the roundness of pennies.

they're intricate, interwoven, hot breath will melt them away
standing on the frozen edge of darling life
individually they coat the world in unique, quiet beauty
together they flood in soft rivers of white.

we're all snowflake people, she said again
her breath dusting the side of my face with damp warmth
you, me, we're both the same yet nothing alike
the same species on a different plain, wondering where we've all been.

xoxo Johanna
ps. I'm finally back! Whew, it's been a crazy last few weeks but I'm ready to get into blogging seriously as the year ends and a new one picks up where we left off. <3