Before I Knew I Loved You

Before I knew I loved you, I wrote the world down,
The blackened bottom of a kettle to the sunlight on the sand, 
I carved words into my bones where no one else would see them,
And held myself tight while my heart strings shook and swore all would be alright. 

Before I knew I loved you, I wrung my heart out, 
Each night I'd hang it out to dry and remembered the way the wind blew,
Exaggeration fuels imagination until you discover limitations to the person that you are,
And I stapled these into the lining of my soul so I would not forget. 

Before I knew I loved you, I made a hurricane out of sighing,
Turned my face toward the sun and pulled my sweaters close,
I watched the world go by my window and pretended I was taking part in it,
And I wrote another poem between my ribs, where my heart is meant to go.

Before I knew I loved you, I swear my life was whole, 
I don't believe in missing halves or being healed with love from people, 
But I put my pen away sometimes now and close my eyes and hear your voice,
And I think that means you make me better, I don't have to force my bones to remember you.

xoxo Johanna 
ps. Sorry about not posting at all this month! It's been crazy and I've been focusing on enjoying life, rather than capturing it. If you'd like to keep up with my trip through pictures, you can hangout in my Flickr and curl up for a while.