Braelyn Coulter | Houston Texas | August 2013

I've known Braelyn for a while. A loooooong while. We went to church together when we were little kids and have casually kept up through facebook through the years. Back in April I was looking for beautiful people to take pictures of for my portfolio and as I


 researched through my friends, I asked if she'd like to model some time. After she said yes, I promptly forgot about it for a long time. I fail at corresponding, you guys. But as I was going to be in Houston for a week last month, I sent her a quick message and we met at Discovery Green downtown. It was one of the most amusing shoots for me because my grandparents were certain that if I wandered off over 20 feet from them, I was going to be mugged and left for dead, so they stayed within 15 feet of me for most of the action. That was interesting. Braelyn was a good sport about it though. 

She's a pretty cool person, with her knowledge of Digital Media, photography, art and love of God. A infinite pleasure to know. Let's do it again sometime, alright?

xoxo Johanna

ps. Anyone excited for fall lurking around the corner? I know I am. I'm already going through my closet and drawers in search of fuzzy sweaters and colorful tights. Soon.