Jessica Ziegelbauer | New Waverly Texas | June 2013

This summer I was fortunate enough to have my cousins visit for a few days in June. Jess is one of those exceedingly fantastic people that make you wonder if she's really and truly an actual person and not a piece of well written fiction. She is in fact one of the most real people you'll ever meet and I'm super glad that not only are we related, but also friends.

We were both incredibly excited about the chance to a) photograph her and b) be photographed. She's super sweet.

Jessica is also this super amazing singer, song writer and guitar player and everyone wishes they could be her. You can find her youtube channel


 or visit her facebook


xoxo Johanna Grace

ps. I'll be posting my summer shoots few times this week. Some are things you've seen before and some have never ben seen. Bear with me as I refill this website.