Josiah Rendon | Conroe Texas | May 2013

Back in May my friend Josiah and I met downtown on Memorial day when the city was almost silent since people were out on the lake or grilling in the Texan way. It was slightly eerie. We both agreed that it was slightly hilarious that we've spent 10+ years of our life in this town and never actually gone downtown. We still haven't really though; every store was closed and the town was still empty like a cemetery (there were a few bums around though, so not entirely.)

Anyway, he's a cool person and pretty madly talented and a genuinely nice person. Hooray for friends who let you photograph them at early parts of the morning!

xoxo Johanna Grace

ps. How are you facing fall this year? With wide open arms and hysterical laughing (me) or are you more of a summer lover?