Joannah Zimmerman | New Waverly Texas | June 2013

I've known


as far back as I can remember. Our families were friends before we were even around. It's been a long time. This summer her and she six siblings stayed with us for a few weeks while their parents went to Peru for missions work.

Which was a lot of people considering that our families together makes 14 children...zoikes. We had such an amazing time and I'm so glad we had the chance to spend so much time together.

Some things about my Jo:

  • She's one of the silliest people I know
  • A+ back-massager 
  • Prettiest smile in the world
  • Cutie patootie laugh
  • REALLY flexible (she just randomly puts her foot above her head sometimes.) 
  • Great writer with the best ideas for stories
  • Always makes me laugh
  • Excellent baker/fruit leather maker
  • Miniature mama and everyone loves her (but mostly me) 

Also she's really photogenic and a lot of fun on photoshoots.

xoxo Johanna

ps. IT'S FINALLY SWEATER WEATHER. Eventually I'll shut up about fall.