Rachel Schnakenberg | New Waverly Texas | July 2013

I decided to buy some Holi Powder just for fun a few months ago and in late July, Rachel and I decided it would be fun to mess around with them in morning light. She needed some new pictures of herself and being covered in colorful powder seemed like the most appropriate portrait choice for her. She's my little sister who usually has something staining her hands (paint, ink, furniture stain) and a smile playing on her mouth (it normally means she's up to something or making fun of you in her head). Rachel is crazy smart and despite me being older by a year and a half, I've spent my entire life trying to keep up with her knowing. everything. about. everything. For example, she started reading before I did and when I was still in early reader books, she was already on to reading Green Eggs and Ham by herself. Darn her. I think I've learned that she's just better

 in certain ways and I love her all the more for that. (Also, she's always prettier than anyone in the room 95% of the time.)

xoxo Johanna Grace

Ps. It's going to be a slow post month next month because of Nanowrimo. Who else is doing it and have you done it before? (This is my second year.)