Jana Gilmore | February 2015 | The Woodlands Senior Photographer

Hello friends! 

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Quick catch up before we get on to the lovely Jana featured in this post. In the time since I last posted, I've traveled to different states, bought my first car, started college, launched a 5th issue of Grafted Magazine, read a bunch of books, drawn a lot of sketches, played a lot of Pirate games with my little charges and drank a lot of coffee. Whew. I've been busy. Some of you may remember that I said in some previous post somewhere on the internet that I would not be very active in business this year due to me joining a missions school in Bend Oregon for the next nine months. Well, it's March and obviously that's not happening. God has other plans for now, it seems. So I am pursuing my education (communications degree as a freelance student) and business and excited to make a lot of pictures this year with people I haven't collaborated with before, as well as my group of muses whom I love dearly and want to photograph all the time. 

You'll notice there are new prices and package details for 2015, as always please send me a note for information about them! 


Onto the real star here. 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by this charming young lady who found my website through various social networks and wanted me to do her senior shoot. A quick Facebook (like her page!) search of her name and I found... me oh my! I've got an artist on my hands. Seriously, this girl has some serious songwriting skills and the voice of an angel. Swoon.

The day of our shoot was cloudy and way colder than expected, but conversation with her was delightful and kept us from freezing. We bounced around Marketplace in The Woodlands and laughed about how clean everything was and were pretty much abandoned by both of our moms at some point so we walked to our destinations. 

This girl is vivacious, has big dreams and a big personality. She's a sweet soul with the kindest eyes you'll ever see. 


I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, working with artists is my favorite thing in the world. 

Johanna Grace