Sarah + Israel | May 2015 | Conroe Texas Couples Photographer


Oh my heart, these two. I haven't known Sarah and Israel long, a few months. A handful of weeks. Mere moments. But I tell you what, every second has been a pleasure. We're all part of a little group called The Mission from the Lone Star campus, but I'm not a Lone Star student and we don't go to the same meetings. It gets confusing sometimes.

But let me tell you what we have in common.

We love Jesus. Like, a lot. Seriously, these two are on FIRE for Christ and you can see that in their lives and the lives of the people who surround them. That's something that draws me to Sarah, that made me smile when I'd see her liking my pictures on Instagram, despite the fact we'd only met officially once, and then only fur a few moments of our boyfriends introducing us to each other. 

I don't think we saw each other again for 8 whole months. Or something like that. Then I ended up at a meeting at her house and she knelt beside me and spoke words of peace over my life and heart and I thought, "you know, I love this girl and her love for the Lord and others." 

On top of that, our boyfriends are basically BFFs 4ever. It's a fact, Jack. 

So anyway. This is about the love of Israel and Sarah. Not Sarah and Johanna. Excuse me.

You can see how much they care about each other in the way they talk. They protect each other, always have the others back. They're good to each other. And they don't take life too seriously, I tend to like people like that. 

Getting to spend a few hours with them was fun. That's a good word for it. We laughed (a lot), we made some pretty dumb jokes. And we squinted into the sun and looked like a bunch of goobers running around a friends yard (thanks again, Kaye!). These two are best friends and it really shows. They know each other, and tease one another, and trust their hearts to be well taken care of. 

That's something I love. People who trust, people who are to be trusted. People who love each other and aren't willing to mess around. They're honest, they're raw. They grow together and apart. And yeah, they really like each other too. 

And all that from an afternoon! 

Sarah, Israel; you guys are great and way too much fun. Thanks for gettin' cozy in front of the lens and sharing a bit of your life with me!

xoxo Johanna Grace

Johanna Grace Couples Photographer