New Waverly Senior Photographer | Rachel Schnakenberg | October 2015

You guys, my own baby sister is graduating highschool in just two more weeks. YIKES. Since the ceremony is coming up and she'll soon have her diploma in hand, and I haven't blogged any of these images yet... I figured I should get on that. 

We had originally planned on 2 separate themed sessions, but when it came down to it, we couldn't resist that yummy warm autumn sunshine and pink tulle skirts. After we finished up and I started processing the images, we both agreed: sometimes simple says the most. 

Can I tell you a few things about this sister of mine? Yes, no? Either way, I'll tell you. 

  • She's ridiculously smart. 
  • She's an encyclopedia of random knowledge you never thought you wanted to know, but you do.
  • She's incredibly kind and gentle spirited, in ways I doubt I'll ever achieve.

I'm so proud of you, Rachie, and I love you a lot! 

xoxo Johanna