Jessica Ziegelbauer | The Lovely Album | Jackson Mississippi | September 2014

I have some crazily talented people in my family and Jessica is no exception. She's basically been singing since the day she was born. I kid you not. When we were younger, Christmas' we spent singing loudly and being generally dramatic, and also playing mildly disturbing - but creative - games with Barbies. Something like 6 years ago she started a Youtube channel where she covered the poppiest songs of the day (hint: It was mostly Taylor Swift. Gotta love T-Swizzle) and the crowds went wild. By crowds I mean family and friends, but hey she got some love from strangers on the internet in the early days too! 

She started writing original songs shortly after and to this day, I still sing her first one, 


 (the name of her upcoming album!). It feels like an old friend. 

But anyway, about the shoot. A few weeks before Labor Day weekend she sent me a Facebook message wondering if there was anyway I'd be willing to let her pay for a plane ticket so that I could come and stay at her house in Mississippi and spend time with her and her family for a few days and photograph the promotional images for her soon-to-be-released album, Lovely. 

Um, hello? That wasn't even a question. I said yes (obviously) and headed her way. 

The first day we planned to shoot, it started to rain and get nasty out, so that nixed that day and instead we stayed in her stark white room and fooled around and ended up liking the results a lot. The second day we headed out with her friend Emma who led the way through a mosquito infested swamp like... place behind a park and we sweated and made gross sounds and died. Also took naturey pictures, as was the goal. We took more in Emma's home near the warm window light. We also loved that. And finally, we took pictures behind glass just because we could and head out to our final segment to get some final sunlight on the last day. 

It may not have been the mostly perfectly planned shoot, but I think we had enough fun to make everything worth it. Plus, I love all of the images that came out of it, and the memories we made.

Some things about this girl: I adore her. So very much. She's talented, yes. She's incredibly gorgeous, of course. But she has so much of God's light in her and it overflows so that everyone can see. She's humble, she's vivacious, she's loving, she's a huge nerd. I'm proud to call her family and friend. Jessica is going big places in this world, even Tom Hiddleston wants her in his movies. (Basically.)

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xoxo Johanna Grace 

ps. You may recognize her from last year




. Fun to see how my style has grown and changed. 

day two

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