Lydia & Hannah | New Waverly Texas | September 2014

I've been trying to post things in chronological order from all the summer traveling and thousands of pictures I took with my cousin and sister in Mexico, but... truth be told I've only gone through a very small section of those pictures and I don't know which order I want to share those. So instead, I'd like to share some special little people that mean a lot to me.

Lydia and Hannah are sisters. They're 


sisters, to be exact. Their personalities are about as different as two people can be, but they love each other. A lot. They sleep in seperate beds in the same room, but most mornings I find them curled around each other no matter how hot it is, or cold, or nuetral. They're like two sides of the same coin. The main simularity is that both sides smirk and make dumb jokes and will break down into hysterical laughter if they hear the word "butt" in the context of something serious. (Okay, fine. I do the same thing.)

Lydia wants to be a doctor, or a midwife, or both. Whatever she does, she wants to help people and she has a stack of medical books next to her bed that are not meant for almost-9 year olds that she studies like the most dedicated medical student. She's full of interesting facts about the human body (and animal bodies, and bacteria, and sea creatures.) if you'll sit down and talk to her. Never thought I could learn so much from an 8 year old.

Hannah wants to be everything all at once. She lives with her head in Narnia and her feet always jumping off the ground. She said she wants to be an astronaut, but she also loves the ocean, but thinks maybe being a nurse would be fun too. Hannah jumped in on the cursive lessons this school year and is already far ahead her siblings, I call that brilliant. She always asks for new sketch books to fill with her incredible little drawings and faces she's learning to draw. Her hands have always been clever with crayons, or pencils, or pens... or a paintbrush. Sometimes I just sit and watch her draw.

Mostly, I just love these girls a lot and think the world of them. Bug bites and snaggle teeth and all.

xoxo Johanna Grace