Mardis Apparel - The Make Shirt

“why make?” 
One of my greatest driving passions is to create or make things, whether with my hands or on the computer. When the make design came to me I loved it instantly. After finishing it, it sat as a wallpaper on my desktop for a long time. What I love most about the make design is that fact that the word isn't actually there. It's just negative space, so your mind has to create or "make" the word, if you will. It's an inspiration to go out and make that which has yet to be made, to take the idea that's in your mind and make it a reality. I think the design tells its own story in that way.

I had the pleasure to be part of something awesome. Tanner Mardis, of

Mardis apparel

 recently released his first t-shirt design and asked me to take care of the promotional images. Of course, I jumped on that. His meaning behind the word Make is so fantastic and something that I will proudly wear when mine comes in the mail (soon!) 

Models: Breeze Mardis, Isaac Miller

xoxo Johanna