New Waverly Senior Photographer | Joannah Zimmerman | November 2015

Joannah is one of my dearest, long-term friends. Her mom and my mom had the same midwife, she and my sister were born a week apart. We've grown up together, laughed together more times than I could ever count, we've cried together just as many. She's seen the darkest parts of me and she's shared her sorrow and joys with me. She's the one who understands and shares my dream of the future in missions and ministry. 

Her heart is so wild and untamed, so full of life and excitement and joy. To see the work Jesus has worked in her life has been the most inspiring part of my life. She has such a passion for the broken and ones without hope. She brings so much happiness into so many lives and I am so thrilled for the path she is taking and the future she has! 

Our session was set behind the Catholic church in my little town of New Waverly, Texas. The light was perfect, the streets were bright and cleaned with the fresh rain of the night before. We then ventured back to my family's little farm and were surrounded by puppy kisses, and glowy golden light as the sun slipped behind the trees.

Keep living for Jesus, my friend! 

xox Johanna Grace