To Life!

  • Hundreds of study nights at various Starbucks around town

  • Three first days of work

  • One freezing cold beach day (tradition now)

  • A handful of snowed in days (pj’s and board games all day)

  • A few beautiful weddings

  • Lots of good food

  • Slow dancing in the kitchen

  • Two dead cars

  • One broken wedding ring

  • Learning to live the one car family life (with an $800 car to help)

  • A plant obsession begun

  • Some birthday parties hosted

  • Woodsy hangs over the creek by our apartment

  • Lots of homemade margaritas sipped poolside

  • Two fancy dinners (all dolled up)

  • One student loan paid off

  • Picnics by the pond

  • A friend welcomed home and then goodbyes too quickly hastened

  • Three summer kids’ weeks in the sweltering summer heat

  • Lots of kisses

  • Facemasks and movie nights

  • One glorious cruise

  • A photoshoot meant for Christmas cards now celebrating the adventures of a New Year to come.

2018 was glorious and challenging. It came with difficulties and joy and excitement. With lost sleep over lost jobs, with cars being towed, and rent being missed, and credit cards being stolen. But oh, what an adventure.