A Piece of Glory

The past few weeks have held so much good and bad. With car accidents and family emergencies, new opportunities in leading and following and creativity and school, I've been stretched thin--but not dismayed. Though these weeks have been stressful, I have never experienced joy before like I have in this time. I found myself worshiping God to songs unwritten in a gas station parking lot a few days ago. I sang aloud, forgetting the public area and the fumes of gasoline. A woman watched me quizzically and smiled in an unsure way. I could only grin. If only you knew! I wanted to shout. If only you knew the tears I have cried, how my stomach has churned and how my nails have clenched into the palms of my hands.

Yet through it all, He has been there. He is teaching me to rejoice in the heartache, because He has made me to feel deeply. I am learning to rejoice in the trials, because He strengthens me daily to get through. How lovely it is when we choose to let go of the things which define us as people and submit to our Jesus, endure the the refiner's fire, and walk--wholly committed to His name. 

This weekend my friend Bethany, my sisters and I decided to put aside our busyness for a minute and enjoy the unusually perfect February day. The woods in Huntsville were quiet and yet you could feel the energy of life rushing through the grasses and blowing in the leaves of the trees.

 I bring life to your heart even richer than to the life of this forest, haven't I told you that I am able to carry your burdens if you will just walk with me? 

The peace I feel when I am struck with the vastness of creation is the same peace I feel and long for in the presence of Yahweh. I used to think I had to get away from somewhere to be alone with Him. As if life were too consuming to remember how good Abba is. 

and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:20

How good it is that I do not have to seek Yahweh first to find Him. He has sought my heart from the beginning. There is no quest for me to unravel, nor puzzle to piece. He is the same, yesterday, today, forever. My heart contains a sanctuary, set apart for the King, and so I do not wander in search of a place to speak with God. He sets the earth for His tabernacle so we can worship day and night. 

So of course, I will praise Him. Of course, my joy will overflow. For God is near and close, involved with every detail, caring for one and all. My tabernacle of praise may be set up in high mountains, or near the lowest seas. And sometimes it's on four wheels. Jesus is always calling to join Him in a piece of glory.