California Dreaming I

Once upon a time I traveled alone a lot.

I made my way through Arizona, found myself in North Carolina, stayed with friends in Chicago. I spent some time in Mississippi, chilled in Mexico, and helped my best friend move to California. While I was there my loving boyfriend said over the phone one day, "next time you go stay with them, I want to come too!" So I said "okay!" and then realized that we couldn't travel alone together and he's from California and I hadn't met his people either.

The decision was easy -- we'll just go on a road trip up through California for 2 weeks, spend some time in Palm Springs with my honey, some of our siblings and his basically kinfolk then drive up to the Bay area. Doable? No problem! 

So that's just what we did. 

I was going through a lot during the first part of our trip while in Palm Springs, and because of that, I didn't take many pictures of the course of the few days we were there. The majority of these images are from our visit to the Williams in Yucca Valley.

Here's what I've found in my two years of traveling alone: you are free. You can go where you want, when you want. You could get on a bus and go to a city you've never seen before and all you'd need to do is tell a few people that you're leaving. You get a lot of time to yourself to think. You're pushed to meet strangers and talk to the guy on the plane next to you who's an astrophysicist and ask him what his favorite kind of cheese is.  I love to travel alone. 

This year I haven't done that. At all. Which is odd for me. The past few years I have visited strangers, slept in their beds, eaten their foods, and gone where they go. I've made my dearest friends this way. This year I have learned how joyful it can be to travel with others. To be responsible for other people and have other people be responsible for you. I have been able to experience the unity that is found in working together in unity. I don't mind it one bit.