If I Ever Have a Daughter

Darling, I want you to know, the world isn't nice. It'll try to wrap itself around your head and cover your crown with lies and tell you you're not good enough to live in it. 

It's lying. 

You're more than enough, everything about you, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head is perfect. Don't listen to what the world says. 

When crowds of people are telling you to step down, and be silent, remember that before your lips were for kissing, they were made for speaking. Remember that when the Hebrew army was lost, Deborah raised her voice and shouted for charge and brought peace to the land. Your mouth is worth more than using it to mold the clay of love. 

 My love, when someone holds your hands and says that you are not complex enough for God to move mountains with, remind yourself of Huldah, who read the scripture and spoke to the God she never forgot, and reminded a nation, spoke forcefully to a King, that God promised destruction. Remember that her words broke years of hatred and shattered the frozen hearts and they turned toward the Father they ran from. You are more than enough for His work. 

 There will be days when you're covered in dirt, and your beauty is used like a rag to wipe the mud of mankind on, but don't despair. Remember Esther, the mother of thousands of brave hearts, who turned her heart toward God when she was treated like an object to judge and drop. Her heart was soft and brought a nation to its knees before the only living God. You are more than your looks and gentle voice. 

Darling, before your heart gives in to sorrow and you cradle your arms against your chest, and they're empty and raw, remember Hannah,  the mother of Samuel, who stained the temple floor with her tears. When everyone around her thought her insane, and a drunkard and not worthy of the place where her knees were bent, God heard her prayer and quieted her soul, and she spoke quiet words of prophesy and raised her children in His light. She was enough,


are enough. 

Remember that woman were made for more than you'd think, remember that they're warriors, they're whispers in the night, as well as lovers, and caretakers. Remember the how Yael was prophesied to take down a leader. Remember that she did it with gentleness and obedience to God, and yet it was never pretty. It was violent and ugly, but she was a force for His will, she did her duty and saved a nation. She was enough.

When people call you Jezebel for speaking and learning and never giving in as if she was the only woman that ever drove mountains to dust, remember Mirriam who sang songs of Praise to the Lord after the Egyptians had fallen and the People of God crossed a sea of red. Remember her flaws and that she was still deemed worthy in the eyes of God and she grew and learned in honor. 

Love, for some reason (and I don't know why) someone passed around a dirty thing they call a secret. They whisper "

there's no room for you at the feet of Jesus Christ"

they'll tell you that the woman of the new testament were followers, not leaders. That the apostles were all men and no one of your sex picked up the banner of His name, think about Lydia, Martha, Mary Magdalene, Mary who raised the Son of God (and the other Mary's so important and loved). Think about Priscilla, and Phoebe, and Joanna and Dorcas. Remember Anna, and Damaris, and Eunice and so many women who loved Jesus. They loved him and followed him first, they cared for him, were missionaries. They were single girls, and married women, and widows and orphans. They were cherished and loved, just as you are.

Daughter, when people say there's no place for a woman to speak up, and that even the One who formed her bones found her an after-thought, almost a mistake, don't you dare believe them. Sweet child, there is more to you. There are stars in the heavens created just to make you smile. There are hundreds of biblical woman that God exhorted in His word, and please, never think for one minute that you were created for anything less than His glory. 

Sweet child, you're enough. 

xoxo Johanna

ps. There's a great


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