Let's Go.



To celebrate my 19 years of life, my family, friend Joannah, and boyfriend Noble, all took off school and work for the weekend to go sleep under the stars and play in the lake.  Living close to earth, barefoot with wild hair, falling asleep when the sun goes down and waking right as it stirs. I read out loud to Noble fromThe Book Thief, laying head-to-head on the grass with lazy sun dribbling down through the trees to light and warm us. We paddled canoes and laughed until our sides hurt when rain poured into our 13-year-old tent. Joannah and I curled up in the front seats of my car and watched the distant lighting and talked the night away. We swam and soaked up vitamin D and made bad jokes and fun memories. 

I didn't take the best pictures. I didn't try to idealize an idea that wasn't really there. 

We all just lived and laughed and loved. That's the best way to start a new year, I think. 

I like these people quite a lot. 

xoxo Johanna Grace