One Year

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One year ago I woke up jittery.

My heart bursting, hands shaking. The morning blurred, and I remember it in highlights; my close friends hugged me, and I could see the joy in their eyes. Someone prayed for me. I gathered my things and drove with my sister for hair and makeup. A care swerved into my lane and then stayed there and I thought “No! I’m getting married today!” But we lived.

My grandma called and cried that my grandpa forgot what today was, and forgot a bit of who I was, I tried to calm them down. A deer jumped in front of my car, still 20 minutes away from the venue. But we lived, once again.

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You are our source of life. you are the vine, and we are your branches, apart from you we can do nothing.

- Noble

The journey leading to this day still amazes me.

How many stories I still have to tell.

Of how I met Noble as a barefoot girl in pyjamas on a dewy winter morning that didn’t feel like December.

And a fierce crush and fondness developed until my heart grew to love.

Of how I swore I’d never marry, but if I had to, this one boy I knew would be pretty tempting.

And how that boy realized, all at once, that this small dot of light in his life would grow to be part of his heart.

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You are our ezer, our help-meet, the one who renews and restores us.

- Noble

And I could tell you how we learned what love is and how we laughed together and supported each other.

Or that one early morning on a small Spirit plane, when Noble got down on one knee (or tried) and offered me himself. No ring, no frills. Him, his heart, his soul, his body, his mind. And asked that I would join him, that he realized that accepted and loved him for him. And he loved me for me.

And I’d tell you about how I stumbled into work that morning, unbelieving that I was going to be his, and he mine. And the bottle of champagne we bought at Kroger when it finally sunk in, how we sat at my families kitchen table while we cheered and laughed and the kids drank juice.

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Above all else, we trust in you, we seek and follow you as individuals and within our marriage, knowing that our trust in you is the foundation of all the life we have.

- Johanna

And there are so many tales of the wedding planning. Of this type A girl having to throw in the towel, and ask the Lord to make a way. How heaven gave me a dress, and our venue was provided for us. How our families planned and helped and loved and gave. How can I ever repay?

And someday I’ll tell all of those stories. The whys, and they reasons and the wonder and the love. Because I have so much to share, of this day, of the story began as children that we are walking in now.

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For the rest of our days, we will endeavor to encourage and admonish one another in love. To glorify you is our purpose, to magnify your name and make it great throughout the earth is our calling.

- Johanna

image credit: Emily Magers

Quotes from our personal vows to God.